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“You live where?” Now that has to be the most frequently asked question for local residents. It is true, Water Valley, Mississippi, is one of those quaint little towns where if you blink your eyes, you just might miss it. The thing is, to a great number of the people who live here, that’s just fine.


In a world driven by fast-paced entities, Water Valley seems like an anomaly. Life here moves at a speed that hardly registers on the millennium clock. That is not to say that the local residents are not investing in the stock market, surfing the Internet, monitoring global issues, and scrutinizing national agendas. It is just that when Water Vallians speak about their hectic lives, they are referring to family priorities, community commitments, church programs, and school events.


Water Valley is a small town with a progressive, diversified population of some 3,700 residents. Historically, the town developed as a lucrative stop for the Illinois Central Railroad in the 1800s. Today Water Valley depends largely on manufacturing and agriculture as its economic mainstays. Proximity to I-55, four major state highways, and ever-growing locales-Oxford, Batesville, and Grenada make Water Valley an attractive site for distribution, commerce, and trade. What is more, Water Valley is less than 90 minutes away from Hernando, Tupelo, and Memphis. That means Water Vallians enjoy a virtually endless array of professional, educational, cultural, and recreational pursuits.


More than a city, Water Valley is a hometown with an invaluable sense of community – a precious commodity these days that has been lost in the development of larger cities and booming metropolises. That said, Water Valley has room for improvement and growth of its own. Downtown revitalization efforts are underway via city officials and private entities. Additionally, organizations like the Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, and  the Yalobusha County Economic Development Foundation work with the city to continually attract new business development.

As a hometown, Water Valley is a safe, traditional, and value-rich community. Neighbors from next-door, down the street, and across town come together without reservation to offer charitable aid in trying times and to join in celebration at festive events. The Watermelon carnival, Water Valley’s crowning event, is the city’s homecoming festival. Named as one of the top 20 festivals in the Southeastern United States by the Southeastern Tourism Society, the Watermelon Carnival draws thousands of people together for reunions, musical programs, continuous entertainment, food, and arts and crafts.

Of course, it is not just the Watermelon Carnival that brings people together in Water Valley. Weekdays, residents join forces at work and school. On Fall Friday nights, practically the entire town gathers at the high school football field to support to support the Blue Devils. On Saturday mornings, hundreds of youth compete in soccer, football, baseball, and softball games at Crawford Sports Complex. On Sundays, area families worship in some 40 churches give thanks for their homes, community, and way of life.


Simply put, Water Valley is a great place to live and to raise a family. Come make it your home.

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